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Ray-Mond Ghost Show 1940s Vintage Horror Poster

Ray-Mond Ghost Show 1940s Vintage Horror Poster

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Raymond Corbin was one of the greatest showmen in the traveling Ghost Show scene. Terrified teenaged audiences loved his presentations of "Ray-Mond's Ghost Show," "Zombie Show," and "Zombie Jamboree." Skeletally-costumed actors spooked their patrons in the aisles, while ghosts and glowing bats flew overhead and sometimes into the audience members. Ray-Mond frequently took on a mad scientist character and performed faux medical experiments and procedures on his pretty assistants, followed up by one of the theatre's horror or mystery films.

Spooks that walk • Ghosts that talk • Shivers! Shudders! Thrills! Thousands now living will never die! Don't be a sissy! COME even if your heart is weak! Also – A full length mystery thriller

This vintage horror print makes a great gift for any fan of classic monsters, ghosts, skulls, skeletons, devils, kitsch decor, or horror movies.

Perfect for framing, mounting, or hanging directly on the wall.

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