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Pitfalls of Youth 1936 Vintage Exploitation Movie Poster #85

Pitfalls of Youth 1936 Vintage Exploitation Movie Poster #85

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This print shows a provocative young woman in lingerie, stockings and heels, smoking a joint, with a breast completely exposed. A fantastic example of early exploitation posters! Originally titled Marihuana - The Devil's Weed, this movie was a companion to the cult favorite, Reefer Madness. where a young woman succumbs to the evils of marijuana, leading to crime, pregnancy, and prostitution.

Wild youth on a rampage • Bare facts exposed • For broadminded adults only • A timely warning to parents of today

This vintage exploitation print makes a great gift for any fan of marijuana, lingerie, vintage pin-ups, weed, anti-drug propaganda, kitsch decor, or exploitation movies.

Perfect for framing, mounting, or hanging directly on the wall.

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