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Marihuana 1936 Vintage Exploitation Movie Poster #79

Marihuana 1936 Vintage Exploitation Movie Poster #79

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This boldly colored vintage print is from a film about the evils of smoking marijuana. It's true drug propaganda - the artwork makes it look like they're shooting heroin! The lead character is a teenage girl who goes from smoking marijuana on a beach to getting pregnant and becoming a heroin dealer who is forced to give up her baby for adoption. The film is a 1930s cult classic.

This print also comes in an alternate layout. Notice the script text at the top corners - the alternate layout of this same poster has white boxes at the top corners.

Daring drug exposé! Horror shame despair! MARIHUANA - WEED with ROOTS in HELL. Not recommended for children

Smoke that get in youth's eyes! What happens at Marihuana parties? Lust • Crime • Sorrow • Hate • Shame • Despair • Misery

Weird orgies - Wild Parties - Unleashed passions!

This vintage exploitation print makes a great gift for any fan of marijuana, weed, anti-drug propaganda, kitsch decor, or exploitation movies.

Perfect for framing, mounting, or hanging directly on the wall.

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