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Hell's Half Acre 1940s Vintage Horror Ghost Show Poster #91

Hell's Half Acre 1940s Vintage Horror Ghost Show Poster #91

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This poster was originally created for a traveling sideshow/spook show that promised a spellbinding wonder show, a ghost show, and spiritual séance. Featuring images of Frankenstein's monster, Zenda the Snake Charmer, and an incredible skull comprised of people that's reminiscent of Salvador Dali's "In Voluptas Mors." A rare beauty for fans of the macabre!

  • ON STAGE - KARDINI presents the Spellbinding Wonder Show
  • Uncanny • Unearthly • Unbelievable - Ghost Show and Spiritual Seance
  • Not recommended for babies or old folks with weak hearts
  • ZENDA charms and dances with live reptiles
  • Extra added attraction in person • Frankenstein Monster Alive

This vintage horror print makes a great gift for any fan of classic monsters, skulls, magic shows, Frankenstein, spook shows, vintage horror, or horror movies. A great gift or decoration for Halloween!

Perfect for framing, mounting, or hanging directly on the wall.

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