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Forbidden Adventure 1937 Vintage Exploitation Movie Poster

Forbidden Adventure 1937 Vintage Exploitation Movie Poster

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This print shows a wild gorilla holding a completely topless woman in the jungle. Also called "The Gorilla Woman" and "Forbidden Adventure in Angkor," this famous exploitation film is a bogus documentary supposedly shot in Cambodia around 1914 in the temple of Angkor Wat. In reality it was filmed in the United States and consists of stock footage and scenes of real Los Angeles prostitutes frolicking topless and being menaced by men in gorilla suits.

A strange legend of a strange land! Wild Women • Wild Beasts • Has the missing link been found? It's vivid! It's powerful! It's daring!

This vintage exploitation print makes a great gift for any fan of vintage pin-ups, gorillas, kitsch decor, or exploitation movies.

Perfect for framing, mounting, or hanging directly on the wall.

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